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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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definition. >> good tuesday morning, everyone. welcome to the last half hour of "news 4 today," first half hour on fox 11. 30 as we get you going here on this tuesday, a big tuesday. we've eve been talking about this particular day for weeks. the caucus for the republicans. we will decide who our selections are from the president now. a lot of the talking about the difference between primaries and caucuses, we -- if summer back before 2008, but nevada wanted to be more relevant in the presidential elections. they wanted to be earlier after carolina. they changed everything to a are. today is the big day. a big day for democrats on saturday. today we're going to be here for the republicans. first caucus in the west. alex knito is live with a look at what you need to know for tonight. alex? >> reporter: good morning, guys.
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donald trump is going to be on the stage you see he is looking for his third straight win as caucus. they're going to pick to represent us on the republican side right here in the silver state. trump looking for that third straight win. recent data tells us he has a double-digit lead over -- people are ready here, not lining up, but we've seen people dressed up in their trump gear. i encourage you to come over here as soon as possible if you want to see him. they're expecting thousands of people to fill this ballroom. ted cr,z making husband rounds. he's going to be in fernly, minden as well as carson city. now there are 28 different predrinks for tonight's caucus. if you want to find out where
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to our web site. make sure you arrive at that location between 5 and 6 p.m. make sure you do have a government issued photo i.d. if you do want to participate. the republicans use a paper ballot. however, officials do encourage you to stay and talk about the candidates before casting your vote and leaving. >> they may discuss the candidates. because it's not an election, there will be representatives from the campaign there. the people can wear their shirts, buttons, because it's not a regular election. this is a party function. >> reporter: unlike the democratic caucus we saw on saturday, there's an end time for tonight's caucus. it's going to wrap up around 8:00. as soon s we get those final results, we're going to have them on our later shows on news 4. stay tuned for the very latest. reporting live i'm alex kni the,o. back to you. the nevada highway patrol still searching for a suspect after a police chase spanned from carson
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it all came to an end at the grand sierra resort where one suspect was taken into custody by state troops they're still trying to find the second suspect that ran from the car. police believe that person went inside the grand sierra resort and casino. the owner of a growing local brewery is facing theft charges after being arrested in carson city yesterday morning. . according to carson city sheriff's officials, cannedelario advertised equipment on a web site. someone purchased the equipment and made more than $45,000 in payments, but officials say canned,lario never isn't that equipment, never made any kind of arrangement for it to be shipped. cannedelario was arrested yesterday. he is facing charges for theft of property with a value of $3,500 or more. sheriff's officials say
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possible additional theft or fraud victims through their investigation. anyone with information should call detective sam hatley. and investigation is underway after an elementary school is vandalized over the weekend. officials say the suspect broke a win key, snuck inside the school, destroying a lot of property. paint was splattered over the walls, hallways, some offices, some murals patiented in the school are now destroyed because of the vandalism. and some of the damage might not be able to be fix >> don: the carpet can not extract it. the pig suspect so deeply embedded in there, so aggressive, it isn't going to be very easily, if at all -- >> school police are still looking for information on this case. if you have any information on the suspects, give them a call. 322-490. big news in education you might not know about. the no child left behind -- is being length of time behind.
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federal mandate called the ever student succeeds act or essa. in december, president obama signed the bipartisan law. news 4 talked to nevada education officials about this change to find out what it means for education in the silver state and how it is different than no child left behind, passed back in 2001. after 15 years and criticism over too much federal involvement and not enough flexibility, administrators say they're pretty excited. they say nevada is positioned well to make some big strides. >> it just seems like the level of cooperation is absolutely here. folks are working and redoubling their efforts, open to new efforts, and at the same time, we're getting really clear ant where the state is going to invest in schools, which i think is helping. i really do i think where we're headed is a brighter future, absolutely. >> now, this friday, february 26th, the public education foundation is hosting a conference on the impact and opportunities when it comes to every
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there will be educational experts from around the west at the nugget for the event. we'll of course be sure to cover this for you. to hear even more about the direction nevada schools are heading. well still to come the michigan uber driver accused of going on a shooting rampage appeared in court yesterday.
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charged with coming up. today 04 degrees. that is very close to that
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but look at that. over wednesday, thursday, friday, mid to upper 60s in r,no sparks, going well above the averages for the time of year. today 15 with a mix of sun and clouds. 53 in carson city. 51 your high at south lake. light wins across the area. just quiet stuff for the day today. a few clouds mixing in with the sun as we go through the day. you can see that already happening on satellite here. otherwise not too much to track today. no real precip chances, and the inconversation hasn't been all that bad. so i think air quality will be approach okay. right now temperatures are into the teens and 20s across much of western nevada. we have good air quality and a green burn code in place now. so no real major issues there. of course that's something we'll track of with quiet weather next few days. speaking of quiet weather, that 7-day forecast, mostly quiet. very minor shower chances to talk about and warm temperatures as well. we'll have all that coming up on your saturday. back over to you. see how your tuesday
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far with trooper down can dawner. good morning to you, down can. >> good tuesday morning to you, guys. we have that very large boulder up at the lake on u.s. 50 south of glenn brooke. that's blocking -- if you are headed up toward the lake, do keep that in mind. other than that, all roadways are operating incident and crash-free for you this morning. should expect our normal congestion, delays in the area -- and the north valley. but other than that, everything is moving great for you this morning. with these good temperatures comes more outdoor activities. while passing cyclists, you need to give them at least 3 feet while passing, or if you have an empty travel lane in the same direction next to you, you need to be in that travel lane. so either give them 3 feet, or move over to the other lane while passing a cyclist in the state of nevada. all right, guys. keep those seat belts on, and take care. back to you. >> trooper down can, we appreciate it. we got your financial news
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stay with us. the international energy agency says it does not expect oil price us the recover until 2017. comments by the group of major -- countries triggered a surge in oil prices around global stock markets overnight, but they could not be sustained. a government analysis says
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prices and mining rates, the largest cole reserves in the u.s. will be tapped out in a few decades. the finding reflects it harsh economic realities for companies seeking to profit off extracting fuel from cole. previous claims are the u.s. had 250 years of cole came from inflated estimates of how much cole could be mined. also today goal surging, $1,220. up a percentage point. let's toss it over to tim. he's got your forecast. hi, tim. >> good morning to you. quiet weather next few days with a mix of sun and clouds along with light winds and near average highs. that means low to mid-50s for places like r,no sparks and other lower- elevation locations. but by tomorrow, those temperatures are really going to climb out. there mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies right now. 29 degrees in town, calm winds, and 64% humidity. temperatures are in the teens and 20s for most of us, 30s if you head down to bishop. we're going for, most of us,
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50s in the lower elevations of western nevada, 40s and 50s around the lake today. so pretty -- stuff. satellite showing just a few clouds. otherwise things are quiet. no real precip chances for day. a dry one for most of us. like that for much of 27-day forecast. even when precip chances pick um, they're very small. friday, saturday, sunday. 0s, 40s, nearby nevada. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. generally light winds across the area. 50s for those of us here in western nevada. these numbers are very close to average for this time of year. but tomorrow things are going to warm up even more. until then 47 in tahoma, 51 in south lake tahoe. western nevada, low 0s today, like carson city at 53, 54 in minden and garnerville. suzanneville at 49. 52 in ehrlach.
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sparks. today's high is 54, today's average high is 53. we're very close to the average today. but come tomorrow on the 7-day forecast things area really going to be warming up. mid-6 0s for your wednesday and thursday in carson city, upper 60s for your friday. that's also when the rain chance arrives, although it is only 10%. a lot of us are still going to stay dry even during those 3 days with those 10% there. that means a very unsettled feel to the air, but really not a lot of precip. we are talking nothing organized for your friday, saturday, sunday. mid-60s in r,no sparks, upper 60s through thursday and friday. over to you it michigan man accused of going on a shooting rampage that left six people dead over the weekend appeared in court yesterday. jason dalton is charged with six counts of murder, and was denied bail. the prosecutor says dalton admitted his involvement in the incident. police believe dalton shot eight people at an apartment complex, restaurant, and car dealership in call lama zoo saturday night. so far no motive has been
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have not found a connection between dalton and the victims. if convicted, dalton could be sentenced to life in prison. the wife of jailed -- cartel boss what keen el chapo guzman says she fears for her life, says the mexican government is using harsh conditions at the maximum security prison to get even with the drug lord because his escapes made them look back. cornell, a former beauty queen, and holds both u.s. and mexican citizenship made the comments to broadcaster telemundo in an interview broadcast this past weekend. u.s. and south korean officials met in southerly today amid high tension on the korean peninsula after north korea's rocket launch earlier this month. north korea launched a long- range rocket carrying a satellite, drawing renewed international condemnation weeks after it
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president obama signed into law legislation broadening sanctions to punish north korea for its nuclear program, human rights record, and cyber crimes. the u.s. and south korea are expected to begin large-scale drills in early march, which the war calls preparations for war, and routinely vows retaliation. washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser was in cuba yesterday as part of a trade mission, where she met with cuban officials and discussed a range of topics from the economy to education. yesterday, she toured schools andos hpitals as well as cuban bah's foreign trade minister. the mayor of havana and cuba's tourism minister. during a news conference, bowser called for ongoing change, and also addressed president obama's upcoming trip. obama will meet with decide dents and cuban president rau,l castro next month. his visit will be the first by a u.s. president to be made since 1928.
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cuba until thursday. thousands of refugees were stranded in greece as border control. on sunday -- banned afghan nationals for crossing into the country, and requiemsed iraqis and syrians to have a at that point or identity card for entry. apart from official registration document. the result, about 1,000 my grants waited at the greek border camp and at the gas station less than 12 miles away. eighty buses were 4,000 more my grants were waiting to take them to the boarder. tim? if you're traveling, we have wet weather across places like texas, oklahoma, arkansas as well. check the headlines if you are traveling to those
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we'll be back. what's coming up on "mornings on fox 11." . today's republican caucuses are just a few hours away. we're going to take you live throughout town to give you the unfoe you need to know before you head out to cast your vote. >> taking selfies a pretty
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one company wants to use them to help security. >> that and a lot more coming up in less than 5 minutes. >> thanks so much. they're going to have more on the in evidence caucus on "today show." . let's get a final look. weather not being an impact. >> we are looking pretty quiet for the day. average highs at 54 at reno sparks. we're going for the 60s starting tomorrow, and continuing the weekend. . could be a little unsettled, a little isolated activity. otherwise, things are dry across that 7-day forecast. . . 53 for carson city. very warm starting tomorrow
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>> we will take that. thanks for joining us, everybody. a reminder "today show" is next
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caucus going on today. preparations underway for presidential hopefuls right here in the silver state as they gear up for the gop caucus. what's in store for the day ahead coming up in just a couple minutes. also still to come, looking at participation in the democratic
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brewing company. we'll tell you about it and the hundreds who have participated the votes all coming up next. thank you. plus, a car chase sends troopers from carson city all the way north to reno. where the chase ends and who authorities are still trying to you're watching warnings on 11. connecting northern nevada. good morning and thank you joining us here on mornings on fox 11. right now at 7:00. day. it's going to be a busy one political wise for a lot of people. in nevada. all eyes on nevada really. a recent poll shows donald trump in front, but voters have the tonight. we'll have to see if those projected numbers ring, true. now.


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